About Rachel

My name is Rachel White, welcome to my blog

In the 80's & 90's I was taught "rationale economic theory". In 25 years I've seen very few "rational" financial decisions & choices. This blog is about the connection between people & money and exploring how people really make choices and decisions, especially in the business sphere. 

It is also a personal blog, so this is a personal story. My professional profile is on Linkedin

My brother and I were born to intellectually gifted parents, hence we have an unfair advantage. It does not mean I'm a better person than anyone else. That gift, coupled with a spectacular education, had a downside.

In 2009 it all fell apart and I was diagnosed with a mental health condition, where that education, resourcefulness and intelligence were rendered useless. I’m told I’m brave for being open about this (perhaps a little “too” brave). I’m now in remission, I’ve had a good result. If people like me don’t speak up, nothing will ever change with an issue that is one of the great health epidemics of our time. 

Neuroscience and medical science are at infancy stage in learning how the brain works and how our emotions drive our behaviours, decisions and choices. Hence this was a voyage of discovery.  

Part of that voyage was leaving a successful corporate finance career and setting up my own business. It is ironic that the health related emotional roller coaster made the business related one a little bit easier. 

This journey has been about creating a new future by embracing uncertainty. I am now a CFO for early stage, high risk startups and that would not be possible without having made this transition. Many point out that I’m very calm in the midst of swirling chaos – you now know part of my secret sauce!

The problem with living exclusively in your head means you’re always looking for certainty and control, and it makes deep relationships extremely difficult. The side effect of understanding my own emotions was starting to see the impact they had on other people's choices (especially when it comes to money).

I have also been blessed with the gift of faith in a higher power (God). That's meant leaning on something far greater than my own strength and abilities, which (being human) are very fallible. It is the other, very essential, part of my "secret sauce".